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About Our Privacy Policy

Before using our website, please read our privacy policy thoroughly so that you do not face any problems in the future.

On, information about many topics is shared in Hindi language. Here you read about many types of topics ranging from Courses, Departments, GK/GS, Job Positions, Loan, Private Jobs, Sarkari Jobs, and Exam Preparation. To learn more about us, read the About Us page.

Does it use cookies?

Yes, Cookies are a small amount of data that is used to know about the user. From which country or state the user has come to the website or which post has he opened?

So that we can make this website better for all our users.

Almost all the websites in the world keep this information about you, in the same way, we also keep this information, That’s it.

Yes, Third Party Links mean links to other websites which take you away from and take you to another website. Links that are used when needed.

We do not take any responsibility for any loss caused to you by any other website through Third Party Link.

Therefore, all other websites/apps have their privacy policy, so read it before using that website. So that you do not have to face any kind of problem.

Our Advertising Policy

Advertisements given by many Ad Networks like Google Adsense and MGID are used on our website so that we can keep the Content free for users like you, with the help of monetization.

We do not take responsibility for any loss caused by advertising.

Advertising companies have their advertising policies, so you should read and follow them.

Comment Policy

You can ask your questions with the help of comments on our website. Ask only questions related to posts and articles.

We have the right to delete, modify, and approve comments on our website and we are not obliged to inform you about it.

So make sure that you do not use abusive language in your comments. Do not make any unnecessary comments, and do not ask the same question again and again.

Correction or change in privacy policy?

If we make improvements or changes in our privacy policy at any time, you can read the information about it here.

All rights reserved

It is within our rights to block you on our website and delete and modify your comments. We may also change our privacy policy when it needs.

Terms and conditions

We expect you to respectfully follow the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.


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