MCQ: Important Lakes of India, 10 Competitive QNAs,2024

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Lakes of India: Lakes are the bottomless reserves of water that are surrounded by land blocks. These lakes can be anywhere in the plains, in hilly areas or in plateaus. The characteristic of lakes found all over the world is that their water is saline. Many lakes are the exceptions of their water being sweetly potable. The water of the lakes is often stable. The water in the lakes is mainly derived from rain, melting of snow in the mountains, from waterfalls or rivers. While water in lakes in hilly areas is caused by melting of snow, water accumulates from rivers or rain in the lakes of plains or plateaus.

There are two types of lakes around the world – natural lakes and man-made lakes.

Natural Lakes-These lakes have been constructed by nature. It has never been made up of volcanic eruptions, sometimes by landslides in the mountains, and they have been constructed in the plains because of the turning around the rivers.

Man-made lakes-these lakes have been constructed to meet the requirement of water by human beings, for fisheries or for power generation.

10 Important Lakes in India

  • Tibet’s Tiso Sikaru is the tallest lake in the world located at an altitude of 18284 feet on the Tibet Plateau.
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest lake in the world, it is also 1300 feet below the ocean floor and is at 2500 feet from its bottom sea floor.
  • Baikal Lake is the world’s largest freshwater lake (volume) and the deepest lake in the world.
  • The Wular Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Asia, not just India.
  • Chilka Lake is India’s largest saltwater lake.
  • Gurudongmar Lake is the highest lake in India with a height of 5,430 metres (17,800 feet) and is located from Sikkim in India.
  • Vembanad Kayam or Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India. It is located in the state of Kerala.
  • Gobind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam) is india’s largest man-made lake.

Important Lakes in India Map

Lakes in India Map
Lakes in India Map

Lakes of India

There are many natural and man-made lakes in India. Some of them are freshwater lakes. In today’s article we will tell you about almost all the major lakes in India which are very useful for your competitive exams.

Koleru LakeAndhra Pradesh
Nagarjuna Sagarandhra pradesh
Haflong LakeAssam
Dipore Beel LakeAssam
Sun Beel LakeAssam
Chandubi LakeAssam
Kawar Lake (Gokhur Lake)Bihar
Narayan SarovarGujarat
Vastrapur LakeGujarat
Badakhal LakeHaryana
Blue Bird LakeHaryana
Brahma SarovarHaryana
Damdama LakeHaryana
Karna LakeHaryana
Tilyar LakeHaryana
sun rhythmHimachal Pradesh
Maharana Pratap SagarHimachal Pradesh
Parashar LakeHimachal Pradesh
Agara LakeKarnataka
Bellandur LakeKarnataka
Kukarhalli LakeKarnataka
Hanamana KereKarnataka
Pamma SarovarKarnataka
Ssthamkotta LakeKerala
Bhojtal LakeMadhya Pradesh
Salim AliMaharashtra
Loktak LakeManipur
Umium LakeMeghalaya
Tamdil LakeMizoram
Kanjia LakeOdisha
Harike LakePunjab
Kanjali LakePunjab
Rajsamand LakeRajasthan
Somgo LakeSikkim
Khecheoplari LakeSikkim
Ooty LakeTamil nadu
BellasagarUttar Pradesh

Saltwater Lake

Chilka LakeOdisha
Sambhar LakeRajasthan
Tso Moriri LakeJammu & Kashmir

Lakes of India – Most Important GK Questions

Q1. Which of the following is the largest freshwater lake in India ?


Ans: Wooller

Q2. In which state is Loktak, the largest lake in north-eastern India?

Ans: Manipur

Q3. Umium Lake is located in which state?
B. Mizoram

Ans: Meghalaya

Q4. The famous lagoon is located in Lake Chilka in which stat
A.West Bengal
D.Tamil Nadu

Ans: Odisha

Q5. The largest fresh water lake in India is Wooller located in which state?

A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Uttarakhand
C.Uttar Pradesh
D. Jammu & Kashmir

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

Q6. Lonar Lake is located in which state?

D. Uttarakhand

Ans: Maharashtra

Q7. The world famous salt water lake Sambhar is located in which state?

Ans: Rajasthan

Q8. In which state is Vembaned Lake located?


Ans: Kerala

Q9. In which state is Lake Koleru located?

B.Andhra Pradesh
C.Tamil Nadu
D. Odisha

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Q10. Jawahar Sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar and Gandhi Sagar Reservoir are built on which river?

A. Narmada
D. Ghagra

Ans: Chambal


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